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After acquiring this skill, your first Wild Artefact is shown to you. Simply press R1/RT to use Moogle Hunt and collect Wild Artefact 1. Unio Mystica, after picking up Wild.
Once Atlas is defeated, approach the monument in this area to unlock the ability to ride Chocobos. You will need Chocobos to collect fragments and artefacts in this area, as.
Simply complete the minigame to earn the Delicate Crystal Fragment worth 200 CP. Once you return to the room, activate the device to control Atlas. You are now ready to.

Both capsules back to the solider by Chocolina to earn the Unio Mystica worth 100 CP. Ghast Fragment There is another soldier walking around the outdoor area of Echoes of.
For example, New Bodum 003 AF would become New Bodum XX3 AF and so casino slot machine wins xiii 2 cheat play casino game online for free goldfish on. So if you follow our guide and find that you havent got all of the.
Bring up your map. You should be standing next to a dark area of the map that seems inaccessible. However, use the Chocobos jump ability to leap over the wall.
Once there, check your map for the dead end branching off to the east. Run down this corridor and use Moogle Hunt to reveal the second treasure sphere. The capsule.
This guide will be updated regularly with new fragments, so check back regularly for all 160 collectible locations. Guide Completed, a Dying World 700 AF, bresha Ruins 100 AF. Academia.
Use Moogle Hunt to reveal Graviton Core Beta worth 500 CP. Ars Symphonica You can only collect this fragment after defeating Atlas and completing the Unio Mystica and Ghast Fragment.
In the south of this area you will fi.
The fragment is floating above the hatch. Use Moogle Hunt to reveal and collect Graviton Core Alpha Worth 500 CP. Heart Prism Fragment, after you unlock the Moogle Hunt ability.