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Go back to Ignacio Rivas, and choose the "I overloaded the plant. No one." option. That option will never disappear. Keep selecting that option to get 350 XP, 3 Stimpacks.
You can keep saying "Bitter-Root. You have an unusual name. and each time you say it, you can do the Speech attempt again. Simply say "Bitter-Root. You have an unusual.
However, there is a way around it. When you are at the slot machines, do not exit slot machine mode to reload your game when you lose. Instead, once the.
Do the mission regularly until you get to the point where you activate the Mainframe Terminal. Configure the Power Grid to "5. Full Region (Emergency Output Level. Finish the mission.

Note: This glitch can cause the game to freeze. It is recommended you fallout new vegas slot machine trick xbox 360 slot machine free play no download quick hit save your game often when doing this just in case the game freezes. Go to a weapons.
Do the mission regularly until you get to the point where you activate the Mainframe Terminal. Configure the Power Grid to "5. Full Region (Emergency Output Level. Finish the mission.
He will award you 100 caps. You can keep doing this to get 100 caps each time. -From: SummerSinner. Easy caps, if you lose in any of the gambling games.
Go to Camp McCarran, and talk to Angela Williams in the science lab. Choose the "I have some questions for you." option followed by the "What's your role here?" option.
This glitch requires a 30 Speech skill level or the "Confirmed Bachelor" perk and friendly with NCR. Go to helios One, and the woman should automatically talk to you. Once.
I however cannot find one in the ultra luxe. Can anyone help? 5 years ago.
Points modpca skill name number, add special points addspecialpoints number, add tag skill points addtagskills number, add Perks dperk perk code Add bottle caps ditem 000000F number Add sunset sarsaparilla blue star bottle caps ditem 00103B1C number Add Anti-Material Rifle ditem 0012B38D number Add item ditem item code number Set currently equipped weapon's condition to 100 tweaponhealthperc 100 Set ownership of selected item setownership Set maximum carrying weight dav carryweight number Set speed of NPCs and player; default is "4" setgs fmoverunmult number Set NPC scale; 1 is default setscale number Set scale for yourself; 1 is default tscale number Sets player jump height; 64 is default setgs fJumpHeightMin number Spawn ammo item box aceatme 69EE6 Spawn armor item box aceatme 69EE7 Spawn books item box aceatme 69EE8 Spawn misc item box aceatme 69EE9 Spawn potions item box aceatme 69EEA Spawn weapons item box aceatme 8F7B9 Complete current quest GetQuestCompleted Repair items m All map markers tmm 1 Move to quest marker movetoqt Toggle no clipping mode tcl Toggle fog of war in local map tfow Toggle power armor use setpccanusepowerarmor
I may be late doing this, I dunno, but I found some easy money cheats on this game. The first if these was submitted to gamefaqs cheats section and below.