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Note: it might not work the first time but it really does work if you keep your patience and keep trying. If the first time it doesnt work for you.You...
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How to become a professional blackjack player

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I couldn't use any old count, and I had to be good.  I kept practicing and studying.  I went to Atlantic City a few times.  Played and initially lost.  I.
Interview with Gene Palensar: a full-time professional Blackjack player - and a living legend from Jerry Patterson, in true gambling tradition, all great players come to be known by some.

GP: Yeah. Persistence pays off sometimes. So I talked with him. He was living in San Francisco at the time. I told him that I use his count, I have.
It made me ask myself, "How can I consistently beat these places without having to rely on Lady Luck?" I heard about card-counting, so I bought how to become a professional blackjack player earn money playing video games used a book. EN: Up.
Here it is. All of it. Unabridged, just as Gene tells it. Many of you aspire to become full-time pros. Here's what it's all about in the "real world." Directly.
Was your objective similar? GP: That's it. We were looking to double our starting bank. EN: What play methodology did the team decide to employ? GP: The Big Player strategy. .