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6. Celebi will then take you to a secret cave. 7. Giavonni will speak to you and will want to battle. If you win he will leave the room and.
6: cerulean cape! Walla, he's ready to battle. He's lvl. 40. (good luck in capturing him. ). How To Get Lugia (more Detail) There are 6 things you need to.

You can beat the first 3 with a dark/psychic type pokemon. Okay let's begin the first guy. Levels range (40-49) so this shouldn't be hard use a psychic type pokemon.
Trade it to a different game, start over and pick a new starter. Do the same thing till you have the last starter. Now trade the pokemon back from the.
Reach the top and a man will give you it it makes it so you can get lugia. Sinjoh Ruins If you have the level 80 event Arceus, Trade it.
Elite Four Battle You might need a: Lv. 42-45 Haunter or Gengar (If prefered) Lv. 45-47Lugia Lv. 46-48Feraligator or other starters lv. 45-47 Gyarados lv. 43-45 Steelix lv. 44-47 Dragonite.
How To Evolve Eevee, vaporeon use water stone, Jolteon use thunder stone, Flareon use fire stone, Espeon level up eevee with high friendship in the morning or afternoon, Umbreon level.
Route 44 (need surf and cut) 3. Vermilion City 4. Route 14 5. Route 25 (where you battle and catch him). Where To Find Suicine:2 (Kanto to find suicine. 1:burned.
(Be sure to get revives). Weird Signals. 1. Go to the ruins in pokemon fire red what slot machine has the best odds games slot machine 5 1 apk of alph. 2. Go into the ruins note: doesn't matter where you are, but you have to be.