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You may have to do this repeatedly, as ore only smelts 50 of time. Now, go to back to Varrok and smith the bars into short swords. Sell them in.
Keep doing this and you will have fast thieving skill and money at the same time. Get to level 20 mining and smithing Go to Varrok and mine iron, then.
Fight enemies, such as Giants, that drop big bones, money, weapons, helmets, and steel axes. If you are a beginner, start off with chickens, then goblins, giant spiders, men, unicorns.
Go to the one with no upstairs. Enter and search for traps on the chest and you will get 10 gp. Go out the door. Pick the lock again and.

You can smelt silver ore to make silver bars, then craft that into jewelry. If you are level make easy money runescape lucky slot free coins machine 30 mining, you can smith coal and trade them in at the.
You can usually get 25 gold ore that becomes 25 gold bars. Put them into certs and sell for 1k a gold cert. Mine and smith until you are at.