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Bill continued to expand the company forming additional 
labels under the Mix Connection Umbrella. In the 2000s Bill continued his innovation, taking the concept of DJ mix to the 
It wasnt very long ago that a bizarre and glorious new sound began 
creeping out of nightclubs in Chicago. Before this future music
 captivated the world, before it spread to.
 Bills mix-tape sales increased, so did Americas fascination with 
electronic music. Word began to spread throughout the country about
 Bad Boy Bill and he quickly started to get booked.
Beginning his career when he was a freshman in High School, it was a
 time when most people hadnt even heard of House Music yet. But for
 Bill it was.

Mix Connections first order of business was to make Bill one of the first DJs to sell legal mix tapes at major retail stores. The fully licensed Bangin the Box.
While only a teenager win slot machines casino 99 usa online gambling eu Bad Boy Bill was already releasing music on a label he founded with his friend Mike Hitman Wilson called International House Records. Bills tracks were being.
Upon its launch, the radio show was immediately picked up by radio stations across the world for syndication. In an industry thats notoriously fickle, and regularly dethrones its top DJs.